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"Direct Lake Property Marketing"

Jerdon Real Estate, Inc., is celebrating over a half century in business. We truly are the lake property specialist serving 100 lakes in Southwest Michigan. Our exclusive marketing program, called Direct Lake Property Marketing, offers you the best techniques to sell your lake property. With an agreed upon listing contract with Jerdon, you receive the following:

Direct mail property data sheets to lake owners on your lake.
Direct mail data sheets to the lake buyers on the Jerdon Buyers Database with at least 600 lake buyers. Plus constant mailings with new buyer contacts.
Advertisement in the Jerdon Lake Property Home Guides. Our color guides are direct mailed to over 8,700 lake owners on 100 lakes, to over 600 lake buyers, & another 4,000 distributed to 50 area tourist businesses, stores, etc.
Jerdon Online. Showcase advertising in full color on our lake property website where local, regional, & national buyers can view your lake property at Color photos of your property, detailed listing information, and much information on the area lakes. Without a doubt, Jerdon Online is the best lake real estate website available, anywhere! Our web address appears on all advertising, funneling thousands of buyers to the lake properties posted on our site.
E-mail your property to lake buyers. We have over 200 lake buyers that we contact via Internet E-mail. We send these buyers a quick memo with a link to your color listing on For internet savvy buyers, this has become the most desired means to receive listing information.
Advertising in Illinois, Indiana, & Michigan home guides. We advertise out-of-state where most lake buyers reside. We also advertise in waterfront guides when issued.
Benefit from the Jerdon Southwest Michigan Map with over 30,000 in circulation, distributed from our office and two Michigan Welcome Centers on I-94. The map is sent or given to lake buyers as it details the lakes and lake sizes, and helps buyers navigate to your property.
Benefit from all other Jerdon marketing, such as our desk calendars and newsletters, mailed to 8,700 lake owners, and display advertising in many tourist publications. The referrals we receive from the friends and relatives of current lake owners are enormous as these contacts generate many lake buyers.

If you are considering to sell your lake property, list with the specialist that offers exclusive targeted marketing available only through Jerdon Real Estate, Inc.



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